On the 11th of December the Embassy of Sweden decided to combine modern with traditional! A Swedish winter tradition, St. Lucia, went digital and could be observed on the building of the Belgrade City Hall. We hope you enjoyed sharing this moment with us, while sipping on alcohol free glögg and eating some pepparkakor and lussekatter! Happy Lucia!




In October the Embassy organised a culinary marathon „Cookathon Beograd“, which was the 11th and final activity of the 3-year project „Food for Tomorrow“, initiated by the Swedish Institute and the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade and Skopje.

We gathered six cooking teams working at six kitchen stations in Metro Cash & Carry HoReCa Center. Each team consisted of a professional chef, a food blogger and a culinary student, whose task was to create meals based on the Agenda 2030 principles of food sustainability: organic, local, healthy, no waste, and of course tasty!

„Cookathon“ was a fun and challenging way of promoting sustainable food production, food consumption and food waste management.

We are happy to announce a digital Agenda 2030 cookbook, gathering all the sustainable recepies our teams created. The digital cookbook will be distributed to our friends and partners in the beginning of the next year.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the photos from the event!





The Europe Day of 2019 was celebrated both in Belgrade and in Podgorica and was characterized by a festive and inclusive atmosphere!

The purpose of the Europe Day is to display the European Union as a rich union of countries with strong diverse cultures as well as to raise awareness of the EU and the ongoing EU accession process in Serbia.

The Swedish contribution included serving of different healthy juices, homemade bars as well as “gubbröra” (egg & anchovies on crispbread). A quiz about the environment and what Sweden is doing for the environment in Serbia was also handed out to curious participants with the purpose of spreading knowledge about the environment in line with the opening of the EU chapter 27. The Embassy also rewarded the winner of the quiz, Vanja Repac, with a bag of Swedish delights!




#WikiGap, the Swedish project aimed at increasing the female representation online continued from last years success and has up to now been arranged in 60 countries and resulted in 13000 new articles in 30 languages. This year the project started on the International Women’s day on 8 March and was conducted until 8 April.

The Serbian contribution was made through a workshop held in Nis were approximately 30 students enrolled and created articles about women who made a difference. One of the initiators of the project, Lina Eidmark, was also present in Serbia during the project and held a lecture at the University of Arts in Belgrade and highlighted WikiGap as the best case example of how cultural diplomacy can influence trends in the world.

Video of WikiGap2019



The importance of what we eat has been increasingly highlighted in the last couple of years due to the increasing threat of climate change. To raise awareness about eating sustainable and smart the Embassy of Sweden supported the global project Eat Smart Challenge which was initiated by the Swedish Institute. The challenge was held between 8-14 April 2019 including a kick-off at the residence to the Ambassador were local food bloggers and influencers attended. The challenge itself consisted of one online challenge per day where the participants got tasks such as eating only vegetarian food or only buy locally produced food. The participants then posted proof of their commitment in a Facebook group with the chance of winning a reward provided by the Swedish Institute and the Embassy of Sweden.

The project proved to be a success, especially in Serbia (24 % of the total participants) and to mark this commitment the Embassy of Sweden arranged a wrap-up event called Smart Food Talks. At the event the selected winners of the challenge were presented and a panel discussion was held with local food bloggers and influencers! 

Projects concerning raising awareness about what we eat will continue in the near future so stay tuned! 

Eat Smart Challenge

Invitation EAT SMART


Eat Smart Challenge at the residence



On 10 December 2018 the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade marked the Human Rights day by organizing a Gender conferencet togehter with the Nordic countries and the Serbian Ministry of Labor and Social affairs. Topics on the agenda were gender equality, women empowerment and the fight against domestic violence.

More information and material: 

NordicGender Equality Agenda 4

Invitation letter final


On 12th December 2018 the Embassy of Sweden and Color Media Communications arranged a celebration of the winter festivity Santa Lucia, the traditional Swedish celebration of Light in the dark winter months.

The guest could also enjoy music of the ABBA Real Tribute Band, known for their authenitic performances of ABBA`s greatest hits. The event took place at Bitef Art Cafe.




The Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade stood up for human rights together with the Swedish indie-rock band Mando Diao.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Swedish Embassy organized an event to inspire more people to stand up for human rights. The event was arranged right before Mando Diao´s concert that was held on December 7. During the concert Mando Diao also took the opportunity to highlight the importance of human rights.

“It is important to stand up for human rights every day. No one can do everything but everyone can do something to make the world a better place”, said Joachim Wearn, Deputy Head of Mission, at the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade.

Mando Diao took the message # Standup4humanrights to their concert and dedicated a song to the 70 th Anniversary of Human Rights.

“Do not forget to stand up for human rights, it is very important. I will now sing a peaceful and calm song”, said Mando Diao’s singer Björn Dixgård and performed “Ochrasy “.

The song is about the world outside the window and the message to stand up for human rights was visually supported with flashlights from mobile phones, lighting up the darkness and creating a feeling of solidarity.

By highlighting human rights in combination with music, the message #StandUp4HumanRights reached out to a broader audience. The purpose of the initiative was, as Wearn mentioned, “No one can do everything but everyone can do something to make the world a better place”. If we want to live up to that, the message #StandUp4HumanRights must reach out to more people, preferably to everyone.






Saopstenje_Odrzan koncert Mando Diao (002)




In 2018, the world’s largest international celebration of a single film auteur was held in honor of the Swedish director, producer, and screenwriter Ingmar Bergman, and the 100th anniversary of his birth. The iconic Swedish auteur’s body of work for film and theatre brought a new level of psychological depth and intimacy to all disciplines of the performing arts.

The festival was organized by the Embassy of Sweden, in cooperation with the Swedish Institute, the Yugoslav Film Archive, KC Grad and M.A.M.M.A Production. People could  take part of some of his most known films,  creative workshops and inspiring lectures, and also  experience the works of Bergman as theatre plays.


You can still take part of the festival, even if it´s over..just check out this slideshow.


▲ ► ▼▲ ► ▼▲ ► ▼ PROGRAM ▲ ► ▼▲▲ ► ▼ ► ▼

Tuesday, 16 October- Faculty of Drama Arts, Belgrade
13.00 “Far too much human matter- Ingmar Bergman´s characters: male, female, androgynous- queer?”. Lecture by Mareet Koskinen.

Tuesday, 16 October- Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1, Belgrade
19.00 Opening (by invitation only)
20.30 Saraband- Berman´s farewell and most personal production

Wednesday, 17 October-Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1, Belgrade
19.00 Ingar Bergman- Today- Global and Local perspectives, panel discussion
20.00 Persona-from 1966 has been the subject of considerable analysis, interpretation and debates.

Thursday, 18 October-  Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1, Belgrade
20.00 Wild Strawberries- one of Bergman´s most influential films

Friday 19 October- Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1, Belgrade
20.00 Autumn Sonata- with Ingrid Bergman as one of the stars

Saturday 20 October – Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1, Belgrade
18.00 The Seventh Seal- A classic of world cinema and one of the greates movies of all time
20.00 Summer with Monika- Romantic drama movie

Saturday, 20 October- Hotel Radisson Blu Old Mill, Bulevar vojvode Misica 15, Belgrade
19.00 The silence: workshop and performance by G12 HUB
Venue: Hotel Radisson Blue
20.00 Performance- Liv Ullman, the interviews and the love story

Sunday 21 October-  Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1, Belgrade
18.00 Bergman Island- a documentary about Bergman
20.00 Fanny and Alexander- Bergmans most funnie and challanging production

Sunday 21 October- Belgrade Philharmonics, Studentski trg 11, Belgrade
15-19.00 Masterclass for young musicians and video artist (by invitation only) held by Matti Bye.
20.00 Concert by Matti Bye, Piano

Monday, 22 October -Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1, Belgrade
18.00 The last gasp- see the film togehter with the composer Matti Bye
19.00 Roundtable panel “Film, music and in between”

Thuesday 23 October- Yugoslav Film Archive – Multimedia Hall, Belgrade
19.00 Public reading of “The best Intentions”

Saturday 3 November – City Theatre in Becej, Gerberova 2, Becej
20.00 Scenes From a Marriage
Premiera of Scences from a marriage in Becej

7-12 November
Bergman- A year in a life. A documentary by Jane Magnusson.
Can be seen in: Free Zone Film Festival in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis.

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