The importance of what we eat has been increasingly highlighted in the last couple of years due to the increasing threat of climate change. To raise awareness about eating sustainable and smart the Embassy of Sweden supported the global project Eat Smart Challenge which was initiated by the Swedish Institute. The challenge was held between 8-14 April 2019 including a kick-off at the residence to the Ambassador were local food bloggers and influencers attended. The challenge itself consisted of one online challenge per day where the participants got tasks such as eating only vegetarian food or only buy locally produced food. The participants then posted proof of their commitment in a Facebook group with the chance of winning a reward provided by the Swedish Institute and the Embassy of Sweden.

The project proved to be a success, especially in Serbia (24 % of the total participants) and to mark this commitment the Embassy of Sweden arranged a wrap-up event called Smart Food Talks. At the event the selected winners of the challenge were presented and a panel discussion was held with local food bloggers and influencers! 

Projects concerning raising awareness about what we eat will continue in the near future so stay tuned! 

Eat Smart Challenge

Invitation EAT SMART


Eat Smart Challenge at the residence