What we eat changes the world! This was the topic on 1-2 October 2018, when The Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade and the Swedish Institute arranged an event named Food for Tomorrow in Zlatibor.


Food for Tomorrow – Zlatibor is a continuation of the general project Food for Tomorrow- #forktofield, initiated by the Swedish Institute in cooperation with the Swedish embassies in Belgrade and Skopje. The event consisted of several activities within the topic, but the focus was on seminars. Experts in organic food and local food producers from Sweden and the Balkan region were invited to share their experiences.


The event consisted of several activities with different target groups to reach a broad public. On the first day a public presentation of the “Food for Tomorrow-project” was held. Local food experts from Sweden presented their work and projects within organic food. Students from Zlatibor listened and received not only inspiration but also tried some Swedish fika. A round table discussion on Healthy Environment was also arranged during the first day between representatives of the Embassy and majors in the Zlatibor region.


Focus on the second day was seminars with local food producers from Sweden and Serbia. The general topic of all the seminars was to – discuss from a global perspective – how to develop local food production eco systems.


Many thoughts and ideas on how we can cooperate for a more sustainable future through food where shared. Listen to our podcast  and movie for ideas and inspiration!


More material and information from the event: 

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Food for Tomorrow Poster FINAL Digital

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