Embassy of Sweden in BELGRADE
09 OCTOBER 2014.
29 OCTOBER 2014.
Swe u Swemu was a large project which consisted of 20 program activities with the main purpose to highlight Swedish culture, values and creative thinking.
The focus of the project was women’s productivity as well as equality, entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. The project was developed with the intention to connect all the bigger and smaller projects which were for different reasons planned for the October month.
In essence, the project was divided into three large fields: fashion, photography and movie. Connections were made between the different projects in order to identify joint messages, find synergies and maximize the effects.

The project resulted in a powerful Swedish cultural event which lasted for a month and which received large publicity (a total of 297 articles published in the media) with a total AVE-value of 13 million SEK. Many target groups were reached within the cultural and creative sector but also within the civil society. Swe u Swemu gave rise to four follow-up cooperation projects, scheduled for 2015 inspiring organizations and creators to develop their ideas.