Embassy of Sweden in BELGRADE
27 APRIL 2017.
28 APRIL 2017.
The program “Green and Clean Food for Tomorrow” is a special project dedicated to food and an important component is the sharing of some of the best swedish experiences when it comes to sustainable approaches to the processes of production, preparation and consumption of food, as well as initiatives dedicated to “urban farming” or managament of waste generated in all these processes.
The first lecture was dedicated to Urban farming (commerical farming in Gothenburg City), by Jonas Lindh and William Bailey, representatives of the first urban farm KAJODLINGEN, situated

in Frihamnen in Gothenburg. They shared their experiences as city farmers in Gothenburg, Sweden.
The second lecture was about Edible Business Models go Sustainable, by Emil Bruun Blauert (NEAT). This lecture was about why and how the best restaurants, hotels and food entrepreneurs all over the world are investing in sustainable business models inspired with the concept “from fork to farm”.
Green and Clean Food for Tomorrow is specifically designed for managers of restaurants and hotels, and the general public. The idea is to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of “smart” management of food waste in Serbia.