Embassy of Sweden in BELGRADE
07 DECEMBER 2017.
12 DECEMBER 2017.
In the spirit of the celebration of 100 years of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Serbia the Embassy organized a week of Swedish cult films. In the Yugoslav Film Archive in Belgrade, 7-12 December, the audience had the opportunity to see some of the Swedish cult films that Swedes of all generations have seen.
Program for the filmfestival:

December 7
The Serious Game (Den allvarsamma leken), by Pernilla August  Topic of the evening: The past as the story
Time: 19:00

December 8
Arn – The Knight Templar, by Peter Flinth
Topic of the evening: Literature on film
Time: 19:00

December 9
The Emigrants (Utvandrarna), by Jan Troell
Topic of the evening: Nordic Black Noir
Time: 19:00

December 10
Flocking (Flocken), by Beata Gårdeler
Topic of the evening: Drama
Time: 19:00

December 11
A little night music (Sommarnattens leende), by Ingmar Bergman  Topic of the evening: Bergman from a local and international perspective
Time: 21:00

December 12
Måste gitt, by Ivica Zubak
Topic of the evening: Comedy and drama
Time: 19:00