Embassy of Sweden in BELGRADE
17 OCTOBER 2015.
23 OCTOBER 2015.
Citizen Child – A Child Friendly Society 17 – 23 October 2015
Citizen Child was a collection of four events with six separate program activities stretched out over five days. The objective was to highlight children’s rights in society in regards to resent discussions on introducing a ban for corporal punishment of

children in Serbia. By promoting creative interaction with children through technology and children’s literature, in particular with help and inspiration from the books and characters from Astrid Lindgren together with expert advice, focus was laid on children’s creativity and right to a nonviolent upbringing.
During the course of the past year a vocal opposition to this law has been raised in Serbia and it is now feared that the majority will not support legislation banning corporal punishment. In this regards the main objective was to kick start an initiative in favor of banning corporal punishment for children by gathering experts and providing them with a strong and collective voice together with educating parents and raising awareness of children’s rights in media.
Over all Citizen Child gained much media coverage nationally with every separate event reported about in, in print, radio, TV and web media. In particular the event received much attention throughout TV broadcastings. The total AVE value amounted to 289.005 Euro (approx. 2.7 million SEK).