Embassy of Sweden in BELGRADE
02 MAY 2015.
30 MAY 2015.
Project Name: 20years@EU
Communication period: 13 May – 28 May 2015
Project description: A celebration of 20 years of EU membership of Austria, Finland and Sweden through a) media campaign, b) reception, c) concert.
Objective: To raise awareness about the benefits and challenges of EU membership and to promote EU integrations in Serbia.

Cooperation partners: Embassies of Austria, Finland and Sweden
Gold sponsors: EU Delegation, Finlandia (FI), Tikkurila (FI), Agrana (AT), Porr Bau (AT), Siemens (AT), Austrian Cultural Forum
Silver sponsors: Nokian Tyres (FI), Masferg Agro (FI), Scania Cretdit (SE), Astra Zeneca (SE), Volvo Trucks (SE), Scania (SE), Ericsson (SE), Rosenserien (SE),Atas Copco (SE), Oriflame Kozmetika (SE)
Other: Meris Xylem (SE), AWT (SE, Bacina Vino (SE), Duni (SE)
Media sponsors: Studio B, Danas
Target groups: Decision makers, opinion makers, journalists,
students, connectors.
• The celebration of 20 years of EU membership was intensively communicated during two weeks of time, through a variety of channels. The objective was fully achieved within the target groups that this communication project was aimed at.

• A continuity of the presence in media was established through a media partnerships with TV and Radio Studio B and with Danas daily. Due to the fact that both media have a national coverage, the reach of the project messages was also

• The intense communication contributed to the fact that the turnout of number of guests at the reception and the concert amounted to a total of approx. 2.300 guests (by estimate of Mikser House)

• According to TV Studio B’s estimate the approximate number of viewers of the live streamed concert on 28 May 2015 amounted to 100,000.

• The commercial value of the presence in media amounted to 513,677 EUR. The highest value was reached in TV programs (476,919 EUR), then in printed media (18,298 EUR), internet (13,120 EUR) and radio (5,340 EUR).